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After retiring from painting 5 years ago, I am planning to start painting again here in the PNW and will have this site updated by early December.  Please come back to see my newest originals and prints available then!


I still offer commissions at no extra charge and with no commitment to purchase.  You choose the subject, provide your ow​n reference photo if you wish or I will provide some for you to choose from, and you choose the size canvas you need. Please email me with questions.




 Kathleen began painting the beautiful land and seascapes of southwestern Alaska in the late 1970s from her home in Ketchican. She later moved south to Oregon where she raised her family, served in the Army Reserve and enjoyed a fulfilling career as owner/director of a ballet school. For recreation she pursued the sport of mountain climbing. Through these years her responsibilities to her family and careers grew, so she eventually had to stop painting.  

  Upon retirement from both the military and her careers as a dancer and a climbing instructor, she and her husband literally “sailed off into the sunset” on their 36 foot ketch. They first sailed north to Alaska, then south to Mexico and across the Pacific, visiting many beautiful tropical islands, and finishing their trip in New Zealand. Life on a small boat is too “compact” to accommodate painting but for six years of cruising, Kathleen filled her soul with the warm bright beauty of the tropics.

  For the following 10 years the Tuckers  made their home on the Alabama coast where she was the owner and director of Gulf Coast Ballet.  There she began painting again in earnest.  She found the local tropical colors, the sea birds, the sunny beaches and moody backwater bays truely inspiring. As her skills grew she was accepted in all coastal galleries and major art festivals. Kathleen also became a popular art instructor for adults and children as well as building a business painting murals and mosaics for businesses and individuals. Her art work can be found in many resorts and condos along the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coasts.

  Several years ago Kathleen sold her dance studio so she could concentrate on painting in the winters and could spend her summers in the Pacific Northwest on her little trawler, "Ursuline". Eventually the Tucker's moved to WA full time, to a cabin on Hartstien Island and upon leaving the Gulf Coast Kathleen retired from the commercial art world.  She continued to refine her work on portraits in graphite and is proud to have won several awards with those drawings.  

  After a couple of years she found she missed the challenge of capturing the beauty and subtle colors she saw all around her in the Olympic rain forests and when sailing the lovely islands of Puget Sound.  Kathleen is now enjoying painting the majestic mountain and coastal scenes found in the Pacific Northwest, the misty Islands of the Salish Sea, and the many shore birds found in Washington.



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